Monday, April 8, 2013


I've been grounded.  Not the kind of grounded where you sit in a corner for a time out or lose your TV privileges for a week. No, I received the ‘we have decided that there is no budget for travel’ memo.  So there it is; no more waiting in line to drop off luggage, no more TSA fluffing, and no more amusement via jet lag and cheap drinks.   Writing off subject I found it interesting when you rent a car, the inside smells just like the inside of a plane, especially domestic flights.  That smell, what is that?  It smells like human, the common dominator of all types of body odor trapped in vinyl seats and plastic arm rests.  Imagine the skin oils and dirty sweat ropes condensing over the years in a hot plane cabin or rental car.  Thinking of it that way doesn’t really make business travel appealing.   It’s only appealing to those who have never done it before, it’s like group sex.  Yeah, it sounds good but just make sure you don’t lose your keys.   

I will continue to write, maybe not about travel but people.  People as in people I don’t know, strangers – why, because strangers are hilarious and most of the time they don’t know it.  People that I know are funny but strangers are magic because they could be anyone; the unpredictable, the really bad parking jobs, questionable choice of clothing, you really have no idea what to expect – like that clearance section in the office supply store.

Traveling will be missed; if it wasn’t so challenging I’m sure the memories would remain muted and weak.  Thankfully travel was a banquet full of surprises and leftovers.  There may be a day that I’ll jump back into that winged aluminum people tube, but for now I’ll just watch the planes land and toast the business passengers with a pint of “ha, ha, bitches!”

Until Next Time.

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