Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Philedephia is Phreak’n Awesome (Part 1)

Another adventure is just beginning. The plane was packed on the way to Philadelphia – there were a few empty seats on the Airbus A321 but here was the fun part. Due to the configuration of the plane they had to have about a dozen large people sit in the back of the plane for takeoff. Now the Airbus A321 is not a small aircraft it can hold around 220 passengers. Everyone looked at each other for answers that did not seem to exist. As usual I was sitting in the aisle seat – it was going to be another fun filled flight across the country. We had an unusually strong tail wind so we got into Philadelphia airspace about a half an hour early however due to the stormy skies we circled the city several times before landing. By the time we got to the gate we were right on time. Lots of fun people on the plane; the head rests made everyone’s hair stand straight up (static) – it looked like a cat rear ended a rooster in a follicle filled light socket.When I finally got to the hotel (which was located in between nowhere and somewhere else) relief was quickly diverted to disaster. It was cold and raining and the hotel lobby lights fluttered and went out. After waiting in the dark for a bit the lights went on and everything resumed back to normal. In short they didn’t have a record of my reservation. After a ricochet conversation with the management I finally got my room. All 1970’s of it. They gave me a suite –it came with its own boardroom complete with cheap rickety chairs and an oval meeting table strong enough to hold up an Arkansas tourist leaflet. The bathroom smelled like mildew and the TV looked like it came from the community collage AV department. Good thing I fit right in-between the lumps in the mattress. Ahh, home at last.I took a chartered bus from the hotel to downtown and the bus driver got lost. He dropped all of us off six blocks away from where the brochure told it would take us. Had to take a taxi; the cab had his back window rolled down (please note its 40 degrees and raining) so the back seat was soaked and the door didn’t close all the way. I had to hold on for dear life because there were no seat belts - the cab driver didn’t know where the hotel was I needed to go but eventually I arrived unscaved. At this time I haven’t even started working – and I’ll be here for five days.

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