Monday, November 2, 2009

rogue sounds and the ladder men

Ah, back in San Diego - the hotel is quite nice, and for once I actually have a decent view; not that I could really do anything with the view but it is a good change from the typical alley, weathered rooftop and or trashy parking lot view in which I am normally blessed by. We are in a conference room in the basement of the hotel; come to think of it most conference rooms are underground. Here is where it gets fun – in basements is where there are pipes; these pipes usually carry water and a lot of it. Sometime around 8:30am this morning I was sitting at a table eating breakfast in our conference room when there was a very loud screeching sound that came from the ceiling - followed by a bang, and then what appeared to be a distorted elephant screaming through a rusty tuba under water. This sound carried down the halls and into another meeting room where there were some very important people talking about really important things. This horrific sound didn’t stop, it did waiver in pitch however which made it extra annoying. It was almost funny to see the people in suits attempting to ignore the sound as they rubbed their chins leaning back in the brown polyester meeting chairs. Within minutes the hotel maintenance crew came running down the hall armed with hard hats, tool belts and 8 foot collapsible ladders followed by a guy with a clipboard humming the Monday Night Football tune. After some grunting and pointing the men came up with a game plan and proceeded to venture into the ceiling looking for the source of this sonorousness event. Approximately 9:00am Pacific Standard Time the horrific sound came to an end. I am not sure what they did exactly but it must have been impressive because the maintenance crew gave themselves high fives, grabbed their gear and walked out like a peacock doused in liquid pride. The hotel staff just brought in the coffee and scone cart - all is well in the Solana Meeting Room.

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