Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bacon needs no salesmen, bacon sells bacon

Currently enjoying the weather in fun filled Orlando, Florida. (ahh geez did I say that?) Last night was the first time I saw it rain.. UP. This place is ridiculous.. Crazed children cranked up on sugar and the ever present Disney euphoric effect. Kids running and screaming like an open nerve attached to a fire hydrant. Complete candied coated chaos mixed with family orientated techno music makes this part of Disneyworld a never ending conveyer belt of childhood evanescence. We are in the Disney bubble; 35 miles away from normality and average consumer products. If the hotel doesn't have it you're not getting it. The hotels are surrounded by water which is outlined by a wooden boardwalk full of cotton candy, hired street magicians and arcades. Amongst the building facades and imitation sea life there lays a hidden Mecca. By way of complete accident I found it, a real brewery. So there I stood in a gasp, in fact I had to ask if they actually brew beer or was this another one of Disney's evil tricks. When the hostess confirmed; yes in fact they do serve the beer they brew I responded like a child on Christmas morning.. who got everything they wished for. So I guess the sign in front was right, " Disneyworld, where wishes come true". It's about that time; people meeting and talking; confirming, coughing, grunting, an occasional secret handshake combined with broken wind, and some guy who whispers the word "etcetera" in the background. So, it's about that time. Work waits with a patient grin.

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